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so the tour is nearly upon us. it will take us around the world maybe more than once but it all starts here in dublin where i sit right now. we have one last day of production rehearsals left tomorrow in the O2 here and then friday is the show. ready or not. this is the biggest and by far the best production we have ever created (with a hell of lot of help from our wonderful crew, in fact they get all the credit for everything bar the playing of the songs). it looks incredible. am very happy. we will try our best to integrate new songs with old as seamlessly as possible. we’ll see what happens. am looking forward to the ride.

with us on the UK and Ireland part are Everything Everything (in the states it would be “with us on the UK and Ireland part IS everything everything” because bands, for some reason, are a singular entity. never ceases to grate with me although i do concede there is a case for both) and we couldn’t be more delighted as we’ve been fans for quite some time and seen them play live a number of times. they are amazing. please get there in time to see them. you’ll not be sorry.

and we have an extra treat when there are multiple shows (ie dublin, belfast, glasgow, london) as we’ll have a third band on the second and third nights. the reason we can’t do a third band for every show is a technical one: the production is so big we need extra time on the first day in each town to set up and get it right. we didn’t want bands being booked and then having to be cut last minute as it’s beyond unfair. but for those of you coming on the second or third nights you will see either Rams Pocket Radio, A Plastic Rose (both northern irish, both awesome) or (for glasgow only) Admiral Fallow who are Paul’s choice but i’ve been listening to the album (boots met my face) recently and it’s a treasure. so come yet earlier on those nights and be wowed by the bands that will one day be our pallbearers.

we couldn’t be more excited. it all starts here. again. we love it. and we love you.gL

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    oohhhh GL. I love the way he thinks about things: is vs. are for bands, and pall-bearers…brilliant mind. Can’t wait for...
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    was on my way into Dublin from Belfast and thought of ye as a bus passed by that read ‘free bus to Snow Patrol’ and...
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    nice to hear about that,specially that you are happy and about new and old songs.and about these stars, Gary you are one...
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    I’m so excited for this tour to make it to the States :) and that in the midst of writing he manages a brief discussion...
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    I’m going to see the Dublin show on Saturday (this will be my very first Snow Patrol concert) and the Belfast shows on...
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    so glad im going all three nights at the o2 - only 22days now!! *excited* :’)
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    See u in Frankfurt!!
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